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The Story Behind the Name

Early one morning, my grandson Ezra, age 2, and I were playing with Joey, a little stuffed bear with a rambunctious personality. Joey was hopping here and there, doing acrobatics among the mountains and valleys of a blanket. He did a double flip and landed on his head. “Joey’s upside down!” laughed Ezra. Joey flipped again and landed lightly on his feet. “Joey’s upside up!” Ezra declared.

Music, I believe, has a way of making things right with the world, a power that we can only begin to understand. I began teaching music in the hopes of helping more people access the joy and power of music in their own lives and pass that gift along to their children. Welcome to Upside-Up Music, where no matter what topsy-turvy places you may find yourself, music can help you turn it all upside-up again.


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