Lui in concert talking to the audience

"Lui has a gentle way of capturing the hearts of her audience and having what amounts to a musical conversation with them during her performances... to truly experience Lui Collins it should be required to spend an entire evening with her. No one weaves a spell quite like she can."
—Champlain Valley Folk Festival Newsletter

"Her warmth from the stage extends out to include everyone in the hall, her songs leave people humming and smiling well after the concert is over."
—Sounding Board, Hartford, CT

"Folksinger for our times"
—Boston Herald

"Long one of New England's clearest and most distinctive folk voices, with unusually piercing lyrical insight..."
—Hartford Courant



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Concert Calendar

Lui's concerts have become less numerous than they were before she established Upside-Up Music and began teaching in 2003, but they're as memorable as ever. Whether you've enjoyed her recordings for years or you've just been introduced, there's no better way to experience Lui's music than at a live concert.

Lui's concerts are intimate affairs. She interlaces her songs with stories about their background, her life, the weather - like a conversation with an old friend...with music.

And actually, the tempo of Lui's concerts has recently picked up again - in more ways than one - with a new addition: a band! 3 Ravens is composed of Donna Hébert on fiddle, Max Cohen on guitar, Lui on tenor ukulele, banjo and clarinet, and all three on lead and (3-part!) harmony vocals. You can read about the band and listen to samples of their music on their 3 Ravens website, and find concert listings both there and in Lui's concert calendar.

Listing of upcoming concerts

For booking information, please contact Molly Gamblin Music.

Family Concerts

Lui Collins has earned international acclaim for her “grown-up” music, but when she gets in front of a group of families with young children, all the seriousness falls away as she gets down to the business of singing with children.  Spontaneity rules in her family concerts, as she brings her spirit of playfulness and whimsy to the stage.  You may expect to be called upon to sing and wiggle and generally be silly!

Lui’s work with children evolved naturally, starting with story hours at the local library with her own children.  She collaborated in the 1990’s with the Grumbling Gryphons Children's Theater, writing "Peace on Earth" for a 1992 Arts Camp production, and in 1993, the song "Sedna," based on an Inuit myth, from her collaboration with the children.

Also see Lui's CD North of Mars.  This highly acclaimed album was awarded a Parents' Choice Honor, and was recommended by NPR's All Things Considered, calling it "beautifully rendered."

House Concerts

If you'd like to host Lui - or 3 Ravens - for a house concert, she'd love to hear from you. To learn the arrangement details, please see the house concert info page. To email Lui to make arrangements for your house concert, please use the sign-up form.